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Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Experts

We have been providing air condition repair & installation for over 25 years and our customers love our prompt service and low rates.  Our air conditioning repair technicians are friendly and knowledgeable.  Our clientele always appreciates our dependable emergency ac service, including affordable replacements of all makes & models.

Throughout the summer months, we get countless calls from businesses in need of emergency commercial A/C repair as well as homeowners who need a tech to visit and do some A/C troubleshooting.  Nobody wants to deal with a breakdown on a hot day, especially when there are guests involved.  Our techs are known for solving A/C issues promptly and getting equipment back online at as soon as possible.

Our company does all types of HVAC cooling service and we service every type of cooling and refrigeration equipment out there.  We offer:

  • Chilled water system: traditional AC units for residential & small commercial buildings use air sources, but if you are concerned about the energy costs you may want to consider water cooling systems as they are superior in energy savings.
  • evaporative cooler installation
  • Freezers: we carry all sizes, from up right to chest models, they have lifespan of over 20 years. Which is more than virtually all other home appliances.
  • bar under the counter coolers: ideal for bars, offices, suites, media rooms, & dorms. They are perfect for areas to store beverages, rooms that doesn’t need a full size refrigerator.
  • walkin freezer
  • wall mounted AC units
  • chillers: used for commercial & industrial projects, large systems that come in 2 types of cooling, air or water.

There are no jobs too big or too small for our business.

We service all makes & models

We are 24 hour cooling service, with emphasis on delivering good prices & 100% customer satisfaction. All of our new AC unit installations come with flexible warranties. Our repair techs are very experienced at fixing all air conditioner units on the same day as we carry all the required parts & tools on our trucks at all times.

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